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The more I learn about codependency, the more I realize I've done it for as long as I can remember in serious relationships. This is mostly self-indulgent, I suppose, but it might also help me figure stuff out as I type. (I'm using real names instead of LJ names in the cut tags, 'cause I haven't had much success mixing the two.)

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I think the main themes here are loss of self. All of my own volition, sometimes in direct violation of someone begging me to go find myself (Fig). I feel like my companionship isn't enough, that I can't just BE. I need to be doing something for someone, or else I have no worth, no purpose in a relationship. Which, I suppose, is the revelation of typing this out. It doesn't occur to me that just BEING is enough. It still kinda boggles my mind.

(This post didn't turn out to be as detailed as I expected, but hopefully got the point across. I think the other post wore me out for that. I'm likely going to hold off on the other post I have in mind. I think I'm wiped out for the day. Thanks for "listening".)
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OK... so I promised a post on the day I took for myself. I can't really say I'm totally in the headspace to make the post, but I want to try, anyway, while it's fresh(er) in my head.

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