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Lots of things happening in the past couple of days. Some I can't share here, because they haven't been made public knowledge. Some are already public knowledge. But it would seem that a lot of changes are happening.

Yeah, I know it's a tendency in a lot of communities to toss more meaning into a few random happenings than perhaps is necessary. And maybe that's what I'm doing here. But, since I seem to be part of this whole thing, I think maybe I want to think that I'm not in this alone. That, even though the circumstances are different, a lot of us are going through some shit right now, and, even if it's private, we aren't really alone, even though we might feel like it at the time.

I'm cutting this off the bat. It's likely to be fairly long, sad, and somewhat self-indulgent. )
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....while writing the previous entry, I notice that [personal profile] logomancer has deleted his LJ. I'm feeling strangely Higher Self about it. (Tried to come up with a more descriptive word, but can't think of one that's as accurate.) Anyway, my guess is that it no longer served him (probably never really did), and he got rid of it. There isn't much to miss about it. I got the good stuff version of his unfiltered written journals for years, and while part of me still is very sad to have that trust in me revoked, I will always be supremely grateful for that glimpse, and inspired by what I saw.


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