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I just spent a while writing out a long email to my sister, updating her on the job-search and whatnot... thought it would also make a good LJ entry to keep the rest of you guys posted. Here are the relevant parts:

OK... here's the scoop.

Reliance On-Call - pre-employment physical complete, so they're just waiting on my availability... which I can't give them until Friday, because.............

Prairie Center - I start work there TOMORROW! Hooray!!! 7:00am-3:00pm, and during that time I'll be given my work schedule. She said she'd just have me shadowing for a while, and that she'd likely have me working all 3 shifts to get a feel for all of them, and I won't have a steady schedule until then. But I won't know my availability for other jobs until I have my set schedule for here. Apparently, all the Human Resources paperwork is done elsewhere (still in town, but in a different office), and the guy can't see me to do paperwork until Monday... so I know I won't be working Monday, since I have an appointment to fill out paperwork at 2:00pm. He assures me that this won't be a problem, since the next payday isn't until December 4th, anyway. I'm not entirely sure I'm reassured by this, but just knowing there will be one is fabulous. This is a 20-hour/week job.

Talecris - This is the place that I was *supposed* to be working at from the get-go, but they froze their positions before I got hired. Glenn still donates plasma there regularly, and one of the nurses sought him out yesterday to tell him they were unfreezing positions sometime this week, and to keep an eye on their website. I've been checking daily since then, and nothing yet, but of course I'll apply there, too, as soon as the positions open up. This would be a full-time position if I got it, 3 12-hour shifts per week.

Parkland College - I called around yesterday, trying to see if there was any way I could still possibly get into the LPN-to-RN Bridge program for January. I ended up having to leave a message with the person who would actually know that sort of thing, and haven't heard back yet. I did find out, though, in the process of being shuffled from department to department, that the work requirement for in-state tuition requires 35 hours/week. This seems silly to me, personally, but if I got the Talecris position, I could meet that. I'm already accepted to the college for this semester, but not to the nursing program... and of course I've missed all the deadlines at this point. Hopefully, the lady I'm waiting on will tell me that they're so desperate for students that they'd be willing to waive all that in order to get me in class by January. Otherwise, I'm guessing I have to wait another year, which will kinda suck.

userinfoBlckwngdOrcl - He had an interview with Target yesterday, which he said seemed to go well. They said they'd let him know in 7-14 days. I'm crossing my fingers for that. I'm guessing that would be a pretty good job to have. Plus it's walking distance from our house. He turned in a bunch of applications at other places after his interview, and then we met for coffee (Starbucks sent me freebies!) afterwards to discuss plans/goals/etc..

So, all in all, things are looking up, and seems like we're on the edge of getting our shit together. Of course, I should have known this would happen, since we both decided we needed some more structure in our lives, so we sat down the other day, and made up a schedule for Monday-Saturday that allowed us time to get up, work out, shower, eat, and engage in some sort of meditative/spiritual endeavor every day (except Thursdays and Saturdays, when Glenn donates plasma), and then devote the rest of the day (depending on the day) to online/phone job hunts, driving all over job hunts, housecleaning, and organizing the house post-move. We spent hours working out what we wanted to do in the long and short-term, what we would need to do to get it all done, and inputting all that info into our various electronic calendars. And, of course, now that'll all have to be drastically changed, since the schedules didn't allow for work! Must be like washing your car to make it rain... we should've done this weeks ago! :)
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2 busy days away from the computer, and way behind... *sigh* I'm afraid I won't be able to keep this up and have a life, too, which is sad, 'cause I've really been enjoying keeping up with my friends for a change, and being more social.

However, the really big silver lining is that I *am* starting to get a life. I have a permanent client on Mondays again (unless it falls through like my last Monday client, and many other potential clients since then...), and a lead on a supervisory-ish kinda job that I haven't had time to really look at/pursue.

But the coolest thing is my most recent job. I'm teaching CNAs at Athens Technical College on Wednesdays and Fridays.

How cool is that???

Pretty much threw me in, sink or swim, on the 3rd day of class, since the chick who started to teach the class realized her plate was too full. A couple of degrees of separation, and now the job is mine. I had my first class today, without even having looked at the material, and I thought it went really well, by any standard. I can totally see this being a lot of fun. And probably a learning curve. Don't forget the learning curve (no pun/irony/etc. intended).

The class is mine, all mine! Poor kids..... ;)

Anyway, that's my quickie post. Like I said, I'm behind. I'll probably try to catch up mostly tomorrow, but I have more real-life things to do, so we'll see. I've responded to random posts that caught my eye as I kept hitting the skip button, but other than that...

Damn, it's cold in here.


Plum Book

Nov. 12th, 2008 09:25 pm
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Apparently, every 4 years, the US government publishes a big book of available jobs. I know a lot of us are looking, so thought I'd post the link.


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