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Who else is love?   
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A few guidelines about my LiveJournal:

Every entry is public, and unless indicated otherwise, all comments are unscreened. If they are screened, it's to protect the commentors, such as when I'm asking for real-life contact information or somesuch. (Or if the meme decrees it!) If, for whatever reason, I ever decide to make a screened entry, I'll note it here in the profile.

On a similar note, I never delete anyone's comments, unless they ask me to. I'm disappointed when someone deletes their own comment. I don't believe in censorship, and I don't believe in referreeing the comments on any entries I make. We're all big boys and girls, and we can fight our own battles. I don't delete my own entries, either. Even if I no longer agree with what I wrote, or I wish I hadn't written it, the whole point for me is to have the good, the bad, and the ugly out there. I don't get to hide away the parts I wish I hadn't shown. That feels very dishonest to me.

That being said, I do have a "secret" journal, not listed above, where I write things that my family would rather not know about, and/or things that I feel particularly vulnerable about. This is a more recent development, due to a family member giving information (and bad information, at that) to my parents about my LJ. It wasn't anything that I was ashamed of, or wouldn't have told them myself, but a) I knew they didn't want to know, and was respecting their wishes by not telling them and b) as I said, some of the information was being presented erroneously, second-hand. My parents requested I come up with some method whereby that wouldn't happen anymore, and the "secret" journal was born. If you want access to that journal, just ask. If I can determine you're not a member of my family, or otherwise someone who might take the information back to my parents, I'm happy to give you the link. If you want to do this, you can leave a comment to this entry, where I talk about the creation of the "secret" journal, or this entry, where I talk a bit about the background of it.

I would looooooove to keep up with my Friendslist. I really would. You're on my list for a reason, and I find you interesting and important in some way. But I simply don't have the time. I read what I can, when I can, and a very few people all the time, but mostly, I'm going to miss entries. If there's something you think I should know, email it to me ( or use LJ's message system. This is something I've struggled with for quite some time, and I've finally decided to let it go, and not beat myself up for giving up living my life in order to read about the lives of others.

Connected to the above, I post infrequently, and, sadly, not about the deep subjects that I used to talk about in my LJ. It's a time/energy issue for me, and it takes some time and energy to post regular entries, and even more to post thoughtful entries, and I have a limited supply of both. I'm constantly hoping that will change, and sometimes, you'll see an entry that has some meat on its bones, so to speak, but they're not as often as I'd wish.

Otherwise, enjoy!

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